Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Applying the Ten Essentials concept to EDC

Much has been written about the “Ten essentials”. The Ten Essentials were developed by a group of climbers and adventurers called “The Mountaineers” in 1930. It’s a list of ten items to carry with you in the backcountry to be better prepared for any accident or event that you may come across to better help you survive. In the future, I'll cover EDC's further and go over my EDC.

            Today we are going to incorporate these to an Everyday Carry Scenario. Here is the list of the Classic Ten Essentials:
  1. Map
  2. Compass
  3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  4. Extra clothing
  5. Headlamp/flashlight
  6. First-aid supplies
  7. Fire starter
  8. Matches
  9. Knife
  10. Extra food
Now the adaptation:
  1. Map-most of the population carries some type of smart phone that either has GPS function or Google maps access
  2. Compass-Also a function most smart phones have…if not wearing a button compass on your watch strap can facilitate this
  3. Sunglasses and Sunscreen-I wear sunglasses religiously as most folks should, sunscreen if you so desire
  4. Extra Clothing-This is a common sense item, if it’s cold outside dress for it. Carry a jacket
  5. Headlamp/flashlight-Carry Microlight on your keychain, or a Mag lite in your bag or laptop case
  6. First-aid supplies-Always carry any medication that you may be taking on a regular basis, Carry in your bag or vehicle a small first aid kit
  7. Fire starter-Disposable lighter
  8. Matches-not important, due to carrying lighter
  9. Knife-small Swiss Army knife on keychain, tactical folder, or Multi-tool on belt or in bag
  10. Extra Food-This could be protein bars or snacks in your bag or vehicle. Also I would suggest water
As you can see, there are many modern day tools and items we carry to get us through the day. This list is just a reference and supplement and change as your needs may vary. 

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  1. Awesome write-up. EDC is a very practical, and in my opinion, essential concept for people today. It's also a very addicting hobby to get into with all of the cool tech gadgets and survival gear on the market.


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