Monday, January 30, 2012


Marines inspecting contents of a Jungle Survival Kit
MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, and Escape) school, is the Marines elite Special Operations (Critical Skills Operators). This is their current required gear list for their in house SERE school. This list outlines what Marines are using to survive their SERE school and what they most likely carry on their person when going into combat to aid if placed in a survival or evasion situation. This list can be used to develop your personal survival kit or Bug Out Bag. 

Required field gear:
(1) Issued survival kit or possess equivalent kit (A period of instruction will be given
during course and student will be afforded opportunity to build kit, all students will be required to have
one before field training)
(1) Fire starting device (Magnesium block/striker, matches or lighter allowed)
(1) Signaling device (Signaling Mirror or Camouflage paint kit w/mirror)
(1) Bottle water purifying tablets or chlorine tablets if allergic to iodine (Will be issued)
(1) Wrist compass
(1) Whistle
(1) Fixed blade knife or Multi-tool (Only 1 knife or 1 multi-tool is allowed not both!)
(3) Water carrying devices (3 quarts of water minimum)
(1) Issued Digital Poncho or Tarp with liner
(1) Pair gloves (Leather, Nomex Flight gloves or green cotton/wool or unit issued)
(1) First Aid Kit
(1) Pair eye protection (Optional or can be issued)
(1) Pen or Pencil
(1) Paper or notebook
(1) Fleece watch cap
(1) Headlamp w/red lenses or (1) Flashlight w/ red lenses
(1) Canteen cup (Regardless of type of water carrying device)
(1) LBE/LBV or equivalent
(1) 5 foot length of 550 cord
(1) Ruck Sack or ILBE pack
(1) Package of map pens (1) protractor
(8) Pair socks, (2) t-shirts, (2) pair underwear
(1) Bottle of foot powder
(1) Camouflage paint kit
(1) Boonie cover
(1) Gore-Tex top
(1) Gore-Tex bottom
(1) Warming layer top-Seasonal Dependant
(1) Warming layer bottom-Seasonal Dependant
(2) Boots (Marine Corps issued or MARSOC issued, desert colored boots)
(1) Entire modular sleeping system with storage compression sack and Gore-Tex bivy.
(1) Set of appropriate civilian attire
(1) E-tool  


  1. Just wondering what is that device with red and black caps? Some sort of detonator?

  2. It looks to be some sort of adapter or fuse.

  3. It is an antenna adapter, used to connect expedient wire antennas (jungle antenna) to the antenna port on a military radio.


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