Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CountyComm Gear Review

 Changing gears a little bit, here's a review of some items we received from the guys over at CountyComm. CountyComm sells survival and EDC related gear and accessories. They have some pretty cool products and a great looking website, I'll post a link to their website at the end of this article. Here's a list of items we received: UCO water/weather proof matches, screwdriver combo keychain set, folding razor knife, SERE saw knife and Maratac EOD Utility bag in coyote tan. 

The UCO matches are well-known, great survival matches, you can't beat them. Wind and water proof and will even stay lit under water. These are a must for your survival bag.

The screwdriver combo keychain set is pretty cool. Philips head and flat head screwdrivers the size of normal house keys with a black oxide finish. Very handy and perfect for EDC.

The razor blade knife is a great little product and at less than $2 a piece, go ahead and buy several. They are extremely lightweight and sharp which makes them perfect for intricate cutting tasks. Folds completely into black plastic handle.

Same goes for the SERE saw knife. Same concept and design as the razor blade knife but with a Swiss made saw blade. You might look at this saw and doubt it's capabilities but don't be fooled. You will be pleasantly surprised at what this little blade will saw through thanks to the Swiss blade design and quality. And not a bad price at $5 a piece.

So how do you carry all these items? Enter the Maratac EOD Utility bag. This is a great little bag. It has a detachable shoulder strap and PALS and MOLLE webbing which make it perfect for carrying on your person on attached to your pack. It's durable construction will give you years of dependable service and it even has "vents" in the bottom of the bag to expel sand and water. The bag measures 12"x8"x4.25" and comes in black, coyote brown and OD green.

Alright guys, here's a link to CountyComm, go check them out:

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