Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emerson CQC-7 Tactical Folder

Hey guys, Mike here, I wanted to start off the folding knive reviews with one of the most saught after tactical folders on the market...the Emerson CQC-7. Let me start off by saying this, and I may be a little biased, but, for the money you will not find a better folding knife than an Emerson. And not just the CQC-7, any Emerson. Sure, you can go out and drop some more cash on some of the other brands out there but trust me, you won't be getting the Emerson quality and reputation. Ernest Emerson founded Emerson Knives in 1996 to manufacture his own personally designed tactical folders for the military and collector groups. Today, he makes one of the best tactical folders on the market. They only use the best materials and manufacturing processes. With their Crucible's 154 CM steel blade, G10 fiberglass scale grips and aerospace grade titatium liner locks they are practically indestructible. The blade on the CQC-7 is flat ground for ultimate cutting capabilities.

Above, you will see two CQC-7's pictured side by side. The one on top is a 2012 year production model and the bottom is a 2002 year production model. The one on bottom was also carried by an active duty Marine for 8 years and civilian carry for 2 years. Note that they almost look identical. The 10 year old CQC-7 shows very little wear on the blade and pocket clip and virtually no wear on the grip. The CQC-7 on top has the "wave shaped feature" developed in 1999 to aid in quick deployment of the blade.

These knives feel great in your hand and are built for a purpose. If you find one, buy it, no questions.

Here are the specs on the CQC-7:
Blade Length: 3.3"
Open Length: 8.0"
Closed Length: 4.65"
Blade Thickness: .125"
Weight: 4.0 oz
Hardness: 57-59 RC

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