Monday, February 6, 2012

Escape and Evasion 201 (equipment)

We will now go over equipment for a few different scenarios. The first we will discuss is what I call the Captor/Manhunt evasion kit. This is to help aid you when you are personally being searched for. For this scenario you will need to leave your cell phone/credit cards/identification linking to you behind. And remember, you can always add or take away to fit your needs. Only use the techniques if you have been illegally apprehended and your life is in danger. Check your local laws as to what equipment can be carried on your person in your state.

Captor/Manhunt Evasion kit

  • Currency-lots of it in small denominations and some in your exfil country's currency
  • Weapons-Always carry a pocket knife, and a pistol with high capacity mags(if  you have a concealed carry permit and they are allowed in your state).  Some non-lethal pepper spray would also be a good addition.
  • Cell phones-use only throw away's or pre-paid that does not link to you.
  • Identification-Having multiple passports gives you a greater freedom of movement. Neil Strauss discusses this in his book Emergency and how to obtain dual citizinships. 
  • Lock picks/Handcuff keys/Bump keys-are always good to have to free yourself from illegal restraints. 
After you have been apprehended/captured this will be where you will need to plan for your next level of equipment. These items will need to be small and concealable on your person or affixed to your clothes, in the heels of your shoes, waistband, or behind your watch. Kevlar cord can be placed about anywhere and will easily slice through flexi-cuffs. Small compass's and sketch maps can help you once you've escaped.
There are plenty of these tools already on the market. Cutting implements will probably be your most valuable tool, and next being handcuff keys. Anything that you may come across may help you escape
wire saws, razor blades, mini-compass's,
handcuff shims, can all help in your escape

Vacationing Abroad
You may want to make copies of your passport and use them when asked for identification instead of using your original, and never give up your original. Carry your cash separated on your person. 

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