Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Escape and Evasion 301(movement)

Moving forward with our Escape and Evasion series, we are going to cover individual movement. This is probably the most important aspect of Escape and Evasion from the bad guys. It is important to remember to remain calm, and that many sets of eyes will be looking for you. Make patient/smart moves, bad guys always get caught running sporadically on the Cop  TV shows.

Here are the tips to follow:


  • Move from one concealed position to another
  • When your not moving remain motionless
  • When looking for your next position. only move your head slowly and don't jerk around
  • Select your next position before moving from your present position
  • Ensure your next position is clear of opposition
  • When moving to your next location, run in a crouched position, get to your next position quickly and conceal yourself
  • You may have to crawl to your next position to avoid being seen
  • Scan your area well before moving
Movement Tips
  • Only carry what is necessary. You don't want to have to lug additional weight or anything that restricts your movement
  • When following a water source such as a river or stream, stay far enough away that you can barely see it, unless your crossing it
  • Crossing streams will deter dogs and dog handlers
  • Use any diversion to your advantage and to cover your movement
  • Avoid soft ground or sand that may leave tracks
  • Only move in tall grass or vegetation when the wind blows, if the wind isn't blowing move slow in one direction
  • Don't disturb animals or birds that may give away your position. If you do disturb them don't move and stay in the same position
  • when crossing a road, river, or stream move rapidly across it, making sure you don't make extra noise by splashing
  • If using a flashlight, only use a red or blue filtered light that is not easily seen and that doesn't ruin your night vision
Urban movement
  • Wear muted tones, bright clothing can be spotted easily
  • Do not run in public places, the human eye can quickly spot someone running
  • Go to the most populated place possible and change your appearance if possible (i.e. take of your over shirt or jacket or get a different shirt or jacket)
  • Go into a store and exit though a back exit
  • Get help from authorities if possible
  • Do not hide in bathrooms, its the first place bad guys look

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  1. Do not run in public places, the human eye can quickly spot someone running True but what if you disguise yourself as a jogger.


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