Saturday, February 4, 2012

Folding Razor Saw

This is a product we are offering in our store. It has a saw and razor blade in flat tactical black (which is always my favorite) as well as Blaze Orange and Hi-viz Yellow. I have actually added this to my Personal Survival kit. I wouldn't say its limited to survival but it definitely shines there. This could be an everyday carry, using it on the job or what not. Ours also feature a lanyard hole for putting on a keychain or attaching to a lanyard.

They are very sturdy and well made. I've tested mine on wood and works well. They can also cut through various metals and that it will take less than 25 minutes to cut through 3/8 rebar.

The razor is a razor and super sharp and can get some small razors similar to this but not in the black blade. The handle has measuring ticks on both sides.

Here are the specifics:

Closed: 2.77inches
Open: 4.66
Weight: 11.7 grams

UPDATE: We were so impressed by these we added them to our Black Scout Survival Basic Survival Kit
that is in our store.

Purchase at our Store:

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