Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hardcase Survival SERE compass

After talking about button compasses yesterday I wanted to give a more reasonable option for you guys. Hardcase Survival continues to impress with their button compasses. Most commercial survival kits or equipment that includes a liquid button compasses are usually the cheap grade that already has 10 bubbles in it by the time it gets to you.

What sets this one apart huh? It's a AA grade compass, whereas most are A grade. Its really luminous which is hard to find in button compasses (7-8 hours). It also features SE,SW,NE,NW points. It's small, 14mm  x 7.1mm...Water resistant to a hundred ft, w/ a working temp of -20 F to 120 F. And you don't have to buy them in bulk when all you really need is one.

I have this button compass 100 mile an hour taped to the back of my fixed blade knife sheath as a back up compass. It could be hidden anywhere on your person or in your clothes in an E and E situation.

I just wanted to give you guys a lower priced quality option, coming in at $6.00. Take the money you save by buying this compass to put towards something else.

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