Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HardCase Survival Signaling Kit

 Another cool item from HardCase Survival. This is their Signaling Kit. This kit includes a white photon light with neck lanyard, 4 tender tabs, a NATO style whistle, 6 waterproof matches, a match striking pad and a Coghlan's signaling mirror. These are all great quality items stored in a hard plastic container that can be carried on your person or in your survival bag. The NATO whistle is super loud and has a lanyard attechment hole in it and pocket clip for easy carry. The tender tabs, waterproof matches and match striking pad are self-explanatory but the waterproof matches are standard waterproof matches, not UCO matches, just wanted to clarify that for potential buyers. My favorite item is the white photon light. Most photon lights you buy only come with an attached keychain but the HardCase kit comes with a neck lanyard that's perfect for when you need a small but powerful light when you're working with your hands. Last but not least is the Coghlan's signaling mirror. This is a very high quality item with well written instructions on the back.

Instructions on Coghlan's signaling mirror
All these items together would cost you a good bit more to buy separately than the selling price of $29 from HardCase Survival. This is a great buy.

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