Friday, February 24, 2012

Light My Fire: Swedish FireKnife NEW!!

Check out the newest collaboration between Light My Fire and Mora Knives of Sweden. With a standard stainless Mora knife blade and Mora sheath. Built into the handle is a Light My Fire Scout Fire Steel capable of 3000 or so fires. Use the back of the blade in a downward stroke on the fire steel. I prefer using the backside of the knife blade over the strikers that usually come with fire steels anyway. I know many folks out there that depend on the Mora knives as their primary survival knives (like Cody Lundin). While I'm not a huge fan, I do feel like Mora's have their applications and are good to have with your gear. But having a multi-use item like this is pretty cool. I may get one just to have one.
Light My Fire has not released pricing for this item yet. It will be available in Spring of 2012. It will be available in 5 colors (green, black, blue, orange and red).
If you like Mora's I would suggest getting one of these to throw in your kit.

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