Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mini Maglite AA LED

How could I do flashlight reviews without talking about the original tactical flashlight? The Mini Maglite AA, now comes in a super bright LED version. Maglite's have proven themselves for their durability and reliability. The other thing that makes them great is they take super cheap AA batteries.

With a twist of the head it has 4 Selectable Modes:
  • High Power
  • Low Power (25%)
  • Blink Mode - Blinks approx. once a sec.
  • SOS
It can also be used in a candle mode, when the head is removed and placed at the tail cap.

Length: 6.607" (167.8 mm)
Barrel Diameter: .709" (18 mm)
Head Diameter: 1" (25.4 mm)
Weight with batteries: 4.15 oz. (117.75 g)
Brightness: 77 lumens w/ 10h 45min run time
MSRP: $30.00

If you want to go the less expensive route you can get the standard bulb Mini Maglite for around $12.00 and buy the Nite Ize upgrade kit and it cost around $10.00

Much can be said about the Mini Maglite. Accessories and batteries are cheap for the Maglite. Cody Lundin uses one. And even though I own Surefires and plenty of other tactical flashlights I always have a Mini Maglite.


  1. These are great little lights. They aren't SureFires, but they are definitely among the top when it comes to dependability and durability. And they're great to keep in your vehicle or small EDC bag and at the price you can afford to keep several on hand.

  2. A two double aa battery flashlight with twist on and twist off switch is a product trying to reinvent a very old wheel. The owners ugly divorce has really put the company on the bottom of the pile. And the out the front lumens on this light is pathetic to say the least when compare to modern single aa battery flashlights from fenix, four seven, thrunite, etc

  3. I read your review. I found many great features. I will buy it for me.

  4. I am not happy the size. A 6" flashlight i cannot tell mini rather than it is lengthy flashlight. Even i cannot carry that in my pocket or small purse. Thus, i am searching maglite more mini version. Have any recommendation from your site?

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  6. Yes, Maglite one of the good flashlight brand. I am personally using this from last couple of years and works great.

  7. A two twofold aa battery flashlight with bend on and turn off switch is an item attempting to reevaluate an extremely old wheel. The proprietors revolting separation has truly put the organization on the base of the heap. Also, the out the front lumens on this light is wretched without a doubt when contrast with advanced single aa battery flashlights from fenix, four seven, thrunite, and so forth

  8. I really like this mini maglite. It's not too big and definitely not too small. Though not as powerful as some of those fancy tactical flashlights, we all know how maglites last forever and are near impossible to destroy. Thanks for the article, I will have to pick one of these up soon!


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