Thursday, February 9, 2012

Water Filtration

Marines collects water from field expedient water filtering system during a
Jungle Survival Course.

Water filtering is the process of removing some of a waters impurities, usually solids(making the water clear) and also makes the water more palatable. It won't however kill bacteria or other micro-organisms. So if you have NO other way to purify water then this would be better than drinking straight from your water source.

I suggest that you filter any water you drink whether purifying it or not. It not only makes it taste better, also it makes it clear and easier to drink mentally...

Packing coffee filters, handkerchiefs, or clothing can be used to make basic filters.

One easy way is:

  • taking either a plastic water/soda bottle or sock
  • if using a bottle cut off the base, making a funnel 
  • filling the sock or bottle with alternating layers of crushed charcoal from your fire, small rocks, and sand
  • place a container under to catch water
  • pour water through filter several time to clean out impurities


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  2. The mindless dumping of enormous amounts of toxic industrial wastes into our rivers and lakes has polluted almost all the surface and ground water on the face of the Earth


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