Friday, March 16, 2012

AMK Pocket Survival Pak Plus review

Following up with the Pocket Survival Pak review; this is the Pocket Survival Pak Plus. The upgraded version that addresses some of the concerns of the original. So I mainly will focus on the new additions and changes. You can take a look at the Pocket Survival Pak review to get information about the other gear.

The most notable addition is the CRKT Doug Ritter designed knife RSK Mk5.
I was skeptical when I first seen the RSK Mk5. Its a tiny knife with a tiny handle.Similar to many of the neck knives currently on the market. But I was very surprised at the grip I got from the adjustable lanyard. As stated on the package, this knife is a back up blade. Its made of a hardened 52-55 HRC steel. The blade came super sharp out of the package measuring 1.75 in. The total length of the knife is 3.81 in. The knife retails for $26.99. Definitely a better cutting tool than the scalpel blade in the Pocket Survival Pak. Update: Used the RSK Mk5 to the point of dulling the edge. Stroked it a few times against a sharpening steel and it became razor sharp yet again.

The next new addition is the eGear Pico. This is a small LED light also designed by Doug Ritter. The Pico has a knurled on/off switch. It requires two hands to operate, which could potentially be a problem if your injured. During my test the Photon II seemed to be a little brighter, and only requires one hand. I do like the shape, it can be easily used as a zipper lanyard. This was a decent upgrade item, however I do prefer the Photon micro light. The suggested retail of the Pico is $12.95.

The PNUEMO Zip Waterproof Pouch is somewhat larger than the Pocket Survival Pak's pouch. It has a Ziplock type seal as well as a zipper section on the other side of the pouch. It also has some reflective material as well as a "Don't-lose-me" orange back panel. I had trouble getting the pouch to seal after I removed the contents and placed them back in the pouch. But I do like this upgrade from the first kit.
One of the most important things a human needs is water. You should always have a water container on you; but just in case. Adventure Medical Kits added a 1liter Whirl-Pak bag and 6 Micropur MP1 water purification tablets to fulfill this. The Whirl-Pak's are tough, they stand-up, and are seal-able. I was glad to see this addition to the kit.
The signal mirror seems to have changed somewhat from the previous kit. It seems to have an orange back now.
Another addition was the ball chain. This allows the user to have items separated from the kit. Having items readily accessible can help with your chances of survival. Such as having the whistle to signal quickly if a rescue opportunity presents itself. We like AMK's thought process on this, layering the survival kit on your person.

The instructions are the same from the Pocket Survival Pak. With the addition of supplemental instructions outlining the use of the new gear. Inside of the packaging card is another set of instructions or "advice". Doug  is basically saying that this kit is not a stand alone survival package. That you should carry a knife, pocket shelter, first aid kit, and a few other odd and ends. He also suggest carrying another method of fire craft. I can appreciate the advice, especially to those not well versed in survival. This just shows the commitment of AMK to the consumer.

The price is somewhat on the premium side of personal survival kits. Coming in just at $80.

This is definitely a well thought out kit. Doug and Adventure Medical Kits developed a universal kit, that someone with little knowledge of survival would benefit from. All in all, this is a good kit and would help your chances of survival.

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