Sunday, March 4, 2012

Go Bag/Bug Out Bag from Black Scout Survival

Here is a video outlining whats in my basic Go Bag (Bug Out Kit). There's a few things I didn't show in the video such as hygiene gear because that should be a no brainer. Another is firearms, you should carry one in most situations. Alot of that comes down to personal preference and affordability.

My Bug out kit is primarily set up for wilderness survival. I do not have a bunker built somewhere so if I had to "bug out" it would be in to the wilderness.  Because I would have to Bug out into the wilderness, I would want to stay hidden. This is why I prefer gear that matches my environments natural foliage.

But I would first try to shelter in place.

This is just my basic Bug Out kit I will go into detail about set ups and other stuff in the future. But until then, leave any questions in the comment box below. Thanks.

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