Saturday, March 31, 2012

Building your Bug Out Bag: The Bag

Like most things of this nature, this is a highly debated topic amongst "Internet Commandos"(know-it-all-posers). I've seen many types of bags and styles used. I would suggest a back pack with chest and waist straps. It should also be large enough to carry 5 days worth of supplies. If you are elderly or if you cannot carry a lot of weight, get a smaller pack and only carry essential items(or split up items among your group).

I personally chose a military/tactical style bag. I chose this because of the MOLLE attachment webbing, many compartments, rugged build, and its OD green. OD green matches my natural foliage. It can be hidden in the wilderness and it wont give me away while I'm trying to hide. I assume if I'm "bugging out", I don't want to be found. Its probably not wise to have any brightly colored packs.

I've heard of the "Grey Man" concept. While I agree with the concept in modern civilized life. I don't think it really matters once SHTF. I believe that a "wrong do-er" would more likely go after the guy that looks like he's about to go camping than mess with the guy with the OD green pack and M4 carbine rifle slung across his chest.

That is my opinion. If you prefer the Grey Man concept, just make sure you get a sturdy pack that will hold all your gear.


  1. Nice article.
    What bag is that in the picture? LAPG?

    1. Thanks! Yes that is the LAPG bag. I got it for the "bargain bug out bag" series. For my personal bag, I use a little larger pack. We will do a video about it in the near future.

  2. Cant beat LAPG bag. $45 for 3000 cu...
    Looking forward to next Video... any hints what your larger pack is?

  3. Maxpedition Vulture II or the Granite Gear Chief Recce if cost is no issue are two fantastic bags. The Chief is over 5000cu, but it is $600.


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