Thursday, March 22, 2012

Building your Bug Out Bag: Fire Kit

Fire is one of Man's greatest discovery's'. It can provide warmth, light, protection, pure water, and cook food to name a few. You will need a fire making source and tinder for a good kit. I feel you need 3 fire making tools at a minimum. In my fire kit I include 2 BIC Lighters, 3 Match cases, and a Doan Magnesium block. I keep all of these items in a waterproof bag so that I can keep my gear dry.

I choose BIC because of their reliability and lighters are easy to use. I put orange BIC's in my bag so I (and everyone else) know that these lighters are for emergency use only. So that I don't have to worry if they contain fuel or not and they will be full when I need them.

In my match cases: One includes strike-anywhere-matches that have been treated to be waterproof. I have another case that includes UCO storm matches. They are long burning and hard to put out. The Olive Drab case has a mix of both. In case I have to leave my bag in a hurry; I can grab the Olive Drab case and know whats in it.

I carry the Magnesium block as a back up to my Lighters and Matches. It's a time tested fire starter that is easy to use. I have a orange 3M reflective paracord lanyard so that I can find it if dropped. I also attach a whistle to this lanyard for ease of carry.
Having some ready made tinder in your bag makes fire craft much easier. I pack a few different kinds for different options. I include commercial tinder as well as cotton soaked with Vaseline, lint, and some jute. I carry some extra Petroleum Jelly packets in case I need to improvise. I pack all of this in a bag as well.

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