Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just a quick EDC tip. Wrapping duct tape around a disposable butane lighter is a convenient method of carry. Fire and duct tape(mans best friends)
*you can also pack these in your survival kit.


  1. The Bic brand of lighters do not have the "Child proof" lock on the button. I have made it habit to wrap three or four turns of electrical tape around the upper works to prevent the button from being depressed in storage. Duct Tape or Gorilla Tape would be superior for general "Red Green Engineering" applications...the Gorilla tape is available in a 1" width suitable for even the mini-Bics. Plus if/when the lighter gets rotated out of BOB into general use, doubtful anyone else at the party is going to have a wrap of tape around their lighter. You paid for that butane, you might as well be able to lay claim. Besides, I don't have any luck with the "child proof" lighters. Note: need a roll of 1" Gorilla tape specifically for mini-Bic lighters in BOB roles...

  2. I too use only Bic's. This photo was just an illustration of the technique. I use this lighter for specific task because of the adjustable flame feature. Bics are excellent as well as Red Green. Thanks for the tips


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