Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greatland Laser: Rescue Laser Light

I'm happy to have had the chance to review Greatland Laser's Rescue Laser Light. If your not familiar with the company, they've developed a way to use laser technology in a non-pyrotechnic signaling flare type device. Greatland Laser currently has 3 models; we tested the Rescue Laser Light model (Price $99.95).

Just by initial inspection, We noticed the rugged housing of the Rescue Laser Light. It is built from Aircraft Aluminum with a black anodized body. It also has knurled sections to help with grip and to turn the laser on and off. The light comes with a red protective lens cap as well as an attachment lanyard hole.
Here is the red protective lens cap, lanyard hole, and knurled sections

A CR123 Lithium powers the Rescue Laser Light up to 40 hours in the constant on position. The cost of the CR123 lithium is about the only bummer I see to the product, but Greatland Laser also makes a AA battery version. That version is a little larger and may be hard to pack into a small survival kit.

The first thing I do with all products I test. I submerged the Rescue Lase Light for 5 minutes. The RLL performed with no problems after being removed from the water. After examining the inside compartment the heavy duty O-ring explained this. The model is waterproof up to 80 feet per Greatland's website. This is crucial capability for a Marine Environment.

The Rescue Laser Light has a twist on/off tailcap. Most of the time its difficult or impossible to twist on a device in this manner with a single hand. The possibility you are injured and may only have use of one hand. Greatland Laser placed the knurled section's in perfect locations so that it may be activated with a single hand.
Notice the Laser projects into a fan spread of light

What makes this laser different than the cheap lasers sold in stores? Well the Rescue Laser Light uses a patented expanding laser line. What does this mean? This means that the laser has an expanding light in the form of a straight line at a 4 degree angle. At 2 miles there will be a fan of 738 feet; and at 16 miles the beam will reach the height of 6000'. We tested this at a shorter distance, and it doesn't appear to be a wall of light (as we thought) but a strong flash. The Rescue Laser Light will signal up to 20 miles night time signaling; and 1-3 miles day time signaling (Depending on weather and environmental conditions).
Courtesy of Greatland Laser

Greatland Laser's are an approved Class III eye safe device. So don't worry about blinding any would be rescuers.

The instructions stated to use the Rescue Laser Light in the same manner as you would a signaling mirror. Holding your fingers in a "V" shape; using them as an aiming sight. In our test this method was the most effective. You can also use a scanning motion much the same as with a signal mirror.

In a pinch the Rescue Laser Light can also be used to read maps if your flashlight kills over.

What is the benefit's of the Rescue Laser Light over conventional signaling methods? A signal mirror works with sunlight. The RLL can work at night and in low visibility conditions as well as day time. Flares can't be cut on and off when you need to use them, and you can only carry so many flares. The Rescue Laser Light will still perform after you've exhausted all of your flares. The Rescue Laser Light is equal to 2400 1-minute flares. Another problem is that you can't pack flares in your Personal Survival Kit. The RLL will fit into most personal survival kits or on your key chain.
Because the RLL is non-pyrotechnic you can also carry it on commercial aircraft.

I will say I really like the innovation of Greatland Laser. The Rescue Laser Light is a one-of-a-kind signaling device. Small, tough, with a lot of signaling power.

Getting rescued is the goal in a survival situation. The most important part of your survival kit should be signaling devices. Fixed blade knives and fire steels are great, but attracting attention and getting out of the situation is what will save your life. This is an awesome product, and it will get you found.

The Rescue Laser Light is a worthwhile addition to any survival kit

Weight 2.2oz
Length 3.125in



  1. It serves as a red light with the protective red cap attached. Night Vision goggles worn by most search teams at night reported 30 mile recognition of the Rescue Laser Flare. Be safe.

  2. I think this one is a waterproof laser light because you told that it is for rescue and has a night vision. This thing is great for outdoor camping.

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