Friday, March 9, 2012

Kevlar Cord/Escaping from Flex cuffs

Here is a picture of a few different types of Kevlar/Technora cords offered by my friends over at Shomer-Tec.

The tan cord has a 950lbs test strength, The blue is a basic kevlar cord with a 200lbs breaking strength.

The dark green is the Ultimate Survival Cord and has a 450lbs test strength. Its has an excellent all around size and is my personal favorite. I used this cord in the video below demonstrating how to escape from flex cuffs (which is one of many uses from this versatile cordage).

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  1. Loops might be better since you can slip them off easy after your free. Your overhand knots might tighten too much after pedaling and now your feet are stuck together.


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