Monday, March 12, 2012

Shomer-Tec Carbon Fiber Ventilator/Titanium Charge Card

Shomer-Tec continues to impress with these new Covert Weapons/Escape and Evasion Tools!

The Carbon Fiber Ventilator is concealed as a cheap ink pen, but is actually a carbon fiber shank! This pen can be worn anywhere unnoticed.  It has the same size, dimensions, and look of a normal pen.

The top pen is the Carbon Fiber Ventilator. This is my preferred method of carry, because most men wear pens in this fashion. If you do wear the Carbon Fiber Ventilator; I suggest wearing another color ink pen as well. Just in case someone ask to borrow your pen, so that you don't have to reveal the Ventilator. Also a different color will make sure you don't get confused.
The Pen has a Carbon Fiber blade that is strong and rigid. The handle has a "tacky" grip material; so you maintain positive control of the weapon. I also recommend the Carbon Fiber Ventilator for women as a hidden self-defense tool.

The other is the Titanium Charge Card. This card extremely lightweight. It has 3 holes for different gripping options. As well as a hex key for emergency use.

The blade is super sharp. I was able to slice through a pair of 5/16" zip ties.

This card has a variety of applications. It can be used as a weapon. It is compact and would be a perfect cutting implement for a personal survival kit. Or as a concealable Escape and Evasion tool; to escape from various restraints.

These are "must have" items for self-defense or E&E. The Carbon Fiber Ventilator sales for $19.00 and the Titanium Charge Card for $24.00.

Order both items to save shipping cost at Shomer-Tec:

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