Monday, March 5, 2012

Shomer-Tec Zipper-Pull Handcuff Key

In comparison to a standard handcuff key.
The Zipper-Pull handcuff key is another unique product from Shomer-Tec. They cleverly concealed a disposable handcuff key into a pull lanyard for a jacket. Having a non-metallic handcuff key on your person; hidden in plain sight. This is a perfect tool for Urban Survival.
Shown on a jacket...Photo courtesy of Shomer-Tec
The Zipper-Pull handcuff key shown above, can be easily attached to jackets, pants, and pretty much anything. You can also use it as a lanyard for flashlights and key chains. 

The cover securely conceals the key; so the key isn't revealed accidentally. The lanyard is also very strong. I tied this onto my North Face Parka and it looked as if it had came with the jacket. 

The Zipper-Pull Handcuff key retails for $9.00. Go to Shomer-Tec to purchase this key as well as take a look at all the other cool stuff they have to offer.

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