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SOL Hybrid 3 Review

Adventure Medical Kits Hybrid 3($60.00) is just that a "Hybrid". Its a compilation of 1st Aid, Survival, and Gear repair equipment. Like most items I see; I was skeptical of a kit this size and if it was really worth the money. Its definitely on the larger size, but combining all these elements I guess it would be.
After opening the Hybrid 3's bright orange case; (you can see in the picture above) that the kit is split into two sections. One side is survival tools/gear repair and the other being medical supplies.There was also a smaller detachable pouch to make a mini kit if you needed to. Which is a fantastic idea considering the Hybrid 3's size.
The kit seemed to be water resistant and has a water resistant zipper seal (as shown above)

Gear Repair
The gear repair equipment provided is:

  • 3 small zip ties
  • 3 large zip ties
  • 4 bundles of 10 ft nylon cordage (40ft total) 150lbs test
  • 50ft of duct tape

With this gear repair equipment you could easily repair your gear or construct a shelter. Forty foot of cordage can go along way and the duct tape is just plain goodness.
Survival Gear
Survival Gear list:

  • Survival Blanket (96" x 60")
  • LED Headlamp (25hr run time)
  • Button Compass
  • Fire Lite Fire Starter
  • 4 Tinder-Quik Tabs
  • Small Signal Mirror
  • 2 Sheets Aluminum Foil
  • Slim Rescue Howler Whistle
This definitely covers much of a survivors needs. The whistle is really loud and bright yellow so that you can find it on the wilderness floor. The mirror is an acrylic (we prefer glass) and is quite small; but it will do the job. The aluminum foil can be used to cook with or you could attempt to hold water (to boil it). 
The Headlamp is an awesome addition to the kit. It has a strong beam and is very versatile with a headband and clip. The clip can also be clipped on to the brim of a hat for yet another option.

The blanket is excellent! It has instructions printed on it and can be used to construct a shelter with the included gear repair equipment. As well as used to signal for help. *In the future J will demonstrate on our YouTube channel how to build a shelter with this blanket, duct tape, safety pins, and cordage 

 The Fire Lite is SOL's take on the Spark-Lite(you can read my review of the Spark-Lite and Tinder-Quik). The grip is tacky and is definitely an upgrade from the original. Its an excellent fire starter and the Tinder-Quick is the best commercial tinder out there.

The medical tools group includes: 5 large Safety pins, Tweezers and Medical Shears. These tools are well made; the safety pins are on steroids and the tweezers make life a little easier in the wild. The Medical Shears are really impressive and can also help with cutting task medically and in survival applications.
Now to the sprawling medical kit. Adventure Medical Kits spared no expense in what was placed in the medical section of this kit. To be honest the kits medical contents truly pays for the entire kit. If you were to look at comparable medical kits on the market with just the medical contents it would be higher than the Hybrid's retail price.These items will take care of most all your needs. The Tincture of Iodine can also be used to purify water (2 drops per liter). I'm not going to label out each individual item but I will detail the supply groups.

Medical contents:

  • Gauze (large and small)
  • Bandages (sterile, adhesive, non-sterile, and butterfly)
  • Moleskin
  • Medical Tape
  • OTC Meds (Ibuprofen and Antihistamine)
  • Insect bite/sting relief
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • Tincture of Iodine Vial
  • Povidone Iodine Solution
  • Nitrile Gloves

This is my favorite kit by AMK by far!! I'm impressed by the ingenuity of Adventure Medical Kits. The Hybrid 3 is well worth the price, an excellent bargain for what you get. I wouldn't abandon my Personal Survival Kit but would compliment it with carrying the Hybrid 3 as well. If you want to only carry the Hybrid 3; I would suggest carrying another fire starter and the essentials (knife/multi-tool and water container). I plan on carrying the Hybrid 3 mainly for the medical contents and to have back up items for my Personal Survival kit.

This is a great kit to toss in your Vehicle, Back pack or Go-Bag.

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  1. Nice looking kit! Thanks for the run down. It seems alike a great kit for the car.

    oh and btw, I'd love to receive your posts by email. Any chance of setting up feedburner or something like that?

  2. Thanks Paul...yeah its a great kit for the vehicle.

    Also I set up where you can follow my post via email.

    Thanks again


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