Monday, April 2, 2012

EDC/E&E kit

I had finally got around to putting together an example of an EDC/E&E kit in the case you gotta GTFO. One that could be carried around without drawing attention. This particular one can be used on your key chain or worn around your neck. I used a standard waterproof key chain container.

Kevlar cordage (cuts through zip ties, useful cord)
Handcuff key
Handcuff shim (a back up to the key, in case different type of handcuffs)
Button compass
Ceramic Razor Blade (non-metallic cutting tool)
Ferro Rod and Tinder (fire)
Hook Blades (all around useful cutting tool, can easily cut flex-cuffs

With this kit I'm not concerned with it being metal detectable. I.have some items that can be removed to address that issue. The waterproofing of this container allows for me to use it as a potential E&E cache as well.

If you would like to make a kit like this, you can purchase some of these items in the Black Scout Store

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  1. Very good items to have and carry. In case you are going "operational" and know beforehand you may need them, you may want to hide them better on your person-sew them into clothes, in a escape belt, something to that effect. Combine that with some of the items in non-metallic such as the razor blade and non-metallic cuff key, you could have an almost undetectable E&E kit equal to what the "pros" carry. Excellent review. Excellent site.


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