Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Kyle holding AK-47
Just wanted to update on one of my good friends recovery.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Operation Kyle. LCpl Kyle Carpenter (USMC) currently a Medal of Honor nominee; is making a speedy recovery at the Bethesda Medical Center. 

While serving as a SAW gunner in Afghanistan; Kyle suffered catastrophic injures while shielding a fellow marine from a grenade blast.

The video below shows Kyle knocking out some motivated Marine Corps pull ups-after having his arm shattered in 30 places.

 Keep him and all of our wounded warriors in your prayers. Show Kyle some love on his Facebook page below.


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  1. Kyle is a good friend of us here at Black Scout and a hero among his fellow Marines. No matter the outcome of the Medal of Honor nomination, Kyle is a hero and a legend in his own right. Like Jack said, give him some love on his Facebook page and show your support for him and our soldiers all over the world!


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