Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some stuff we like and wanted you to know: Photon Micro light

This is the only micro lights that we dig here at Black Scout. In the upper right hand corner of the picture is the original. These days they come in a variety of models.

The original is activated by holding the button on, when released it turns off. It gets the job done, but we like options.

Then LRI came out with the Photon II that has an on/off switch. We included this model in the Black Scout Survival PSK-that you can purchase at our store. We chose this model because of the durability and that it can be used for signaling/illumination. Photons can be seen for over a mile.

Then LRI came out with options...The Photon Freedom is made for survival. This thing has S.O.S., slow, normal, and fast strobe. You also get a hat clip and lanyard for hands free lighting.

We also like the covert nose that narrows the beam and doesn't let your light spill all over the place as seen in the comparison below.

Anyways, We just really love these motherfreaker's. I've carried mine on me keychain for like ten years and its still shining bright. Great EDC light and thats why we included it in our Black Scout PSK.

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