Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strike anywhere you want...when its wet.

Strike anywhere matches my personal fave. They give you the opportunity to use them without a striking surface (whether lost or damaged).

I see a lot of guys dipping their matches in Paraffin wax to waterproof them. I absolutely am not a fan of this idea. On a hot day you will open your match case and a have a melted messy nightmare.

I'll go through what I do. You will need some clear nail polish (go steal your girlfriends), strike anywhere matches, and something to stab the matches into until their dry.

Then dip the match head and a 1/4" of the stick in the finger nail polish. Don't paint it on with the brush-takes way too much time and dipping ensures you cover the entire head of the match.

Then wipe off excess on rim. This is so it doesn't run down the whole stick and take 3 months to dry.

Lastly the matches need to be placed in something straight up and down so they can dry evenly. This will take around a day.

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