Wednesday, July 17, 2013

EDC Entry #5

The next submission comes from Frost:

Keychain - Handcuff key, Photon II microlight, can opener, encrypted Pico USB
Knives - Benchmade McHenry & Williams Axis Lock tactical folders (x2)
Wallet - Flipside Wallet RFID Shielded
Button Compass - Courtesy Black Scout Survival
Medication - Milled waterproof container
Emergency Blanket (in ziploc bag)
Road Atlas (in ziploc bag)
Paracord Bracelet - Nuff said
Bandanna - face cover, po' boy's tourniquet
Bic Lighter - Two separate widths of Gorilla tape wrapped around it: 3" and 1/2" - Length ~ 2ft each
Streamlight Microstream torch w/reverse clip for hat bill attachment

Don't know if it counts, but I always have sunglasses and a baseball cap to help against the sun, and removing/adding them is a quick appearance change.

I wear cargo pants every single day, so carrying this load is very easy. I feel like it's a pretty good amount of gear to get me to my GHB, which is always relatively close, but if not, this would do in a pinch to get me to a cache. I live in a more urban area of the south, so I generally have a water bottle with me.


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