Friday, August 30, 2013

Hedgehog Leatherworks: ESEE-5 Advanced Sheath

For those of you that have been waiting; the ESEE-5 sheath from Hedgehog Leatherworks is finally here. Like the BK2- the ESEE-5 is probably one of the most popular production survival knives on the market. Just a few minutes searching on the web and you will see that it has many die hard fans. Hedgehog Leatherworks (after much request) decided to develop a sheath built specifically for those fans.

This sheath like many others designed by Hedgehog Leatherworks is a scout carry design. Something I feel like they've mastered considering other makers sheaths I've used. Scout carry if you did not know is when you carry your knife horizontal in the center of your back. It's my preferred method of carry and the majority of my sheaths I use are built this way. I prefer it because its super comfy and centers the weight of the knife. It also allows you to wear a pistol without having a knife in the way or weigh down that side of your belt.

The Hedgehog Sheath makes it feel as though your not wearing a knife. That's quite a feat for considering the ESEE-5 weighs a whole pound. The straps of this sheath are well constructed and has a solid hook up to your belt. I felt no wiggling or moving as I carried it. With the one directional snaps maintaining security of your blade even under heavy movement.
As with all other sheaths I've tested from Hedgehog Leatherworks- this has to be the highest quality sheaths I've seen on the market. The leather has a deep rich tone with a thick solid appearance. Each stitch is perfectly uniform. Aesthetically its an amazing sheath. Even outside of beauty this sheath has functionality.
Functionality- such as the Rapid Release Strap (A patented system designed by Hedgehog Leatherworks). This has to be one of the most ingenious designs on knife sheaths this century. Basically the strap moves out of the cutting path of the blade when opened. In the past I've destroyed a few sheaths due to the lack of this design. It also has a post and hole closure to for quick access to the knife. This also contributes to noise-discipline (no noisy snaps to deal with). Making it extremely quite when pulling your knife from the sheath.
The model in the review is the advanced version. Basically an upgraded version that includes a pocket and firesteel. The pocket has the same post and hole design closure like the retention strap. Also providing quiet access. Pockets this size are generally hard to pull things from. Hedgehog Leatherworks added a nylon strip of webbing to easily access any components you have stored.
The pocket comes with some gear and I'll go over that below. You can also use it to store other items like signal mirrors, fishing gear, tinder, water purification tabs, or a Zippo lighter will even fit in there.
The pocket contains a length of jute twine (excellent tinder material) and a striker for the ferro rod (to save your knife). I've been using the Hedgehog Fire Starters for some time and honestly they out perform most on the market. I'm not sure what the proprietary mix of the fire steel is but it showers sparks. It has a generous size of 3/8" x 3". Comes standard with a knurled handle and bungee cord retention strap. You could also wear it around your neck if you wanted. Check out our video from our YouTube channel demonstrating starting a fire with this ferro rod and jute twine below.

Overall I don't think there is a better sheath on the market. The craftsmanship is next to none. As I said in many articles and videos; your sheath makes up part of your survival system. It maintains your most important survival tool and this one has the capability to hold fire making materials (another survival priority). I can honestly say that I can trust my life  (as well as yours) with this sheath.

The model we reviewed was the advanced sheath retailing for $299. You can also purchase the basic model for $199 (minus the pocket and firesteel). Check it out at: Hedgehog Leatherworks


  1. One of the sexiest sheaths I've ever seen. The oil stained leather is beautiful, and to have fire starting capabilities makes it the best.

  2. I bought a sheath from and they're similar in look and quality but for less money. Granted, not quite as nice in thickness and design but close (for those with less budget). Mine is for the BK5 and they make custom sheaths as well.

    1. I've seen those before they also look well made.

  3. How does this compare to WolfWind LeatherWorks out of Argentina?

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