Thursday, September 18, 2014

Black Scout Reviews - Survival Saws

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    I bought this brand new through the old Brigade QuarterMasters catalog in 1991. I used it to cut down one half of an acre of kiave (aka ironwood) trees behind my housing on base in Iroquois Point, PH Hawaii. It literally ripped that wood apart like a hot knife through butter. A month later the base hired a company to come in and clear the rest around the lagoon and it was pitiful to watch them with machetes, saws, etc.
    I later used the same saw to build a (very) small winter cabin in Maine. Fast forward to 2003, I was working with the Central Identification Laboratory Hawaii (CILHI/JTF) in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Same saw, same results. It ripped through the indigenous vegetation, bamboo and hardwoods, had my hooch with raised floor a rain proof roof built as quick as it took the 92 Mikes to get their tents situated.
    I have never had to sharpen it... yet. It is in my "must have" kit when I travel beyond my current location. No matter the situation, I know if I have to, I can confidently and quickly build a shelter impervious to the elements. The saw in its container is not much bigger than an Altoids tin.


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