Thursday, November 27, 2014

EZ Decoder: Bypass Locks in Seconds- Black Scout Tutorials

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  1. Different car manufacturers design different styles of transponder keys, so depending on the make and model of your vehicle, your transponder key may or may not require the original key to be present when attempting to make a copy of the key.

    When you need a transponder key copied, it is not the traditional process of cutting grooves as is the case with metal keys. Instead, these keys must be programmed to sync with your specific vehicle. There are two main places you can have this done:

    The main difference in how the service is provided by asking a car dealership or a locksmith to duplicate your transponder key is in time, convenience, and cost. A locksmith will be able to perform the exact same service as a car dealership for a fraction of the cost and won’t require you to have your car towed into the dealership and set up an appointment to wait. Instead, a locksmith is able to come to you on demand and get the transponder key programmed and you back on the road in no time at a fraction of the cost.


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