Monday, November 10, 2014

NEW Products in Our STORE!!

Today we are releasing our latest Limited Edition Black Scout Morale Patch. We will be introducing an new patch on every run. So when this one runs out you will never be able to purchase it again. Hence why we say "limited edition". Be sure to pick one or five up in our store. This edition features a black and more discreet design. The lettering is grey just as a reminder to always be "grey" in the cities. Remain unnoticed, unfamiliar, and undetected.

Check them out at the link below:

Another new product is the Bogota Mini Titan Flats 2 piece set. This set offers the same utility and function as our traditional Bogotas but in a slim design that can be kept in your wallet or better hid on your person.

Check them out here:

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