Saturday, May 7, 2016

Best SERE Survival Compass

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  1. Totally agree with you about these suunto clippers. Really great button compass's. Question though. What are you thoughts on some of these others ones like bayite that has come out with a 6 pack for 5.99 and from the physical looks of them look pretty much the same as the suunto. And there seems to be a few other "off brands" out there that do the same for very cheap. I dont know alot about compass's so i guess what im asking is in your opinion would there be any noticeable difference in quality just getting like a 6 pack of the cheap ones that look and do (movable bessels) the same thing or are they gonna break on my first hiking trip, or when i need them most (bug out situation) so it would be better to spend the extra bucks to get the brand name clipper? Once again great channel. Really respect everything you put out...for the most part. Just kidding its all great really! Thanks!


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