Monday, July 4, 2016

How to Use a Map and Compass


  1. Map is the place from where different location works. Our site shows the procedure for the utilization of map and campus with the help of assignment help websites. People if never have idea then they may join the site for the proper understanding of map. The country or world map have its own value.

  2. One of the most useful survival skills that I have learnt over the years is scouting. However, I have never been good with maps; I usually depend on my Casio watch for navigation. Being able to read a map and use a compass is a necessary skill, especially when stranded in the woods without any fancy navigation gears. The content in your article is very informative. I also found some useful tips from this site:

  3. Wow, with map skills like that, you will never get lost! Thanks for a great tutorial, and I agree that, even though we have modern gadgets like gps and so on, knowing how to use the old fashioned compass and a map is a must for every outdoors lover. Here is an article that also gives some great tips on knowing how to use a compass:


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