PRESALE: Black Scout CW (Concealment Wallet)

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This wallet has been engineered to support modularity of transport as well as ensuring critical tools/belongings are securely stored.

-It has two slot pockets that can hold I.D.'s, Credit/Debit Cards, SD Cards, Hotel room keys, etc.

-There are two rows of elastic webbing to contain various escape tools or extra house key.

-Utilizes the Ulticlip system that allows the BSSCW attach to inner waistbands, socks, underclothing, PALs webbing, or pretty much anywhere you'd like. It can also be used as a front pocket wallet to carry cash in a money clip configuration.

-Clamshell opening secured by velcro.

-There is a BSS Crest patch stitched into front panel.

-Coyote or Mutlicam

Built for Black Scout Survival by Center Line Systems.

MADE IN USA by a Veteran owned company

Escape KIT ADD ON (+$99)
-2 Universal Handcuff Keys
-Diamond Wire
-Ceramic Razor blade
-Bogota Mini Flats
-Folding Razor Saw
-Hook Blade
-Quick & EZ

4-6 week lead time to ship