Survival Fishing Kit

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This kit was designed to be used for different bodies of water (salt, fresh, streams, etc.) also for a wide variety of species. I always like to incorporate my mending gear with my fishing kit. We added a small sewing kit to aid with that.

This kit meets the Alaska (Sec. 02.35.110) and Canada Statutes for over flight requirements.

Kit components:
Tin (1) 2 3/8" x 3 3/4" x 15/16"
Jig (1) Swirl Tail Grub
Jig (1) Tiny Shad
Jig Head (2) 1/16 Unpainted Round
Spoon Lure w/ Treble Hook Red/White
Bait Salmon Eggs and Holder
Fly (1) Size 10 1/8
Desiccant (1) Moisture Absorbing Packet
Hooks (2) #4
Hooks (2) #6
Hooks (2) #8
Leaders (1) Wire Wound Leaders
Split Shot (3) BB
Split Shot (3) 3/0
Bobber (1) Foam Float
Bobber (1) Plastic Adjustable
Line (50 ft) 12LB
Line 50lbs Spiderwire (short length)
Sewing Kit
Orange seal tape that can be used to create new lures, repair gear, or as marking trail tape.

*items may be different but of same value (i.e. different fly pattern or shad lure color)